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Overview of Florida Beach Rentals

Below is an overivew over some of the major topics owners want to know when selecting a vacation rental management company. We are always striving to offer owners the best experience possible, we treat owners like we would want to be treated. We keep the owner up to date on all bookings and financials at all times. We have an Owner Log-In on our website so that owners always can access everything about their unit. Florida Beach Rentals is confident that once you try us, you won’t be satisfied with any other rental company out there. We look forward to working with you.


We have been in business for over 15 years on Clearwater Beach
We have over 400 properties under management and we continue to increase revenues for owner’s year over year.


A locally staffed and trained bookings team on call 9am-9pm, 7 days-a-week
Florida Beach Rentals staffs a trained bookings team in our Clearwater Beach office, from 9am to 9pm every day of the week, to field calls, answer questions, and get properties booked at times that are convenient for travelers. 


Tenants alternatively can book online at any time themselves with our software
We also have online booking software so that travelers can book directly from our website if they prefer to not speak with any staff at the time of booking.


We supply a large marketing effort to get your property rented
We pay to market and promote your property on multiple international booking sites. These sites include Airbnb, HomeAway, VRBO, VRguest, and Flipkey among others. In addition, Florida Beach Rentals sends out over 320,000 emails/month to our 60,000+ subscribed email list and we spend over $100/day attracting even more customers to view our properties on Google.  All of this generates a huge amount of inquiries for our properties.


24-Hour Maintenance
Florida Beach Rentals staffs a 24-hour maintenance team.  There is no fee associated with the service calls our staff makes, this 24-hour level of care comes to you without additional cost. They are top notch and very attentive to the needs of your property.  They perform thorough inspections to make sure you keep your unit up to your standards and ours. We respond immediately to any complaint and find the proper fix.


Cleaning Team: We require a very high minimum standard of quality
We make sure our units offer a very high minimum quality level to our customers and it makes a difference with their satisfaction levels, most recently rated at 98.2%. We have two cleaning managers on staff that coordinate with the 30+ cleaning staff we work with. There is a very extensive check list that we require the cleaning teams to follow and a manager checks most units after cleaning to ensure quality. The cleaning fee is added to the rate so that the cleanings are payed by the tenant.


Owners approve all bookings and know names, ages, duration of stay, etc. of every booking
We send all booking requests to you, the owner, for your approval so you know exactly who is staying in your property at all times. For all properties, minus a few exceptions, we also meet the travelers when they check in to our office on Clearwater Beach to confirm who they said they were.


Owners have access to detailed reporting on the state of their unit
We also provide you with online access to your preferred owners account on the Florida Beach Rentals website. Here you can see your property’s information, financials, how many times your property was viewed, history of booking, and your properties calendar. This is also where you can blackout dates for when you plan to use the unit so we don’t book the unit for those dates. Also, each of our owners get a monthly itemized statement.


Please contact us for the costs associated with using our company. Our rates are extremely competitive and we offer more than anyone else in the area. We are the leaders on Clearwater Beach for a reason.


Florida Beach Rentals collects and pays the 13% short term rental taxes associated with your rental which is why we need you to fill out tax documents in addition to our owner agreement.


No long-term risk by using Florida Beach Rentals: Cancel at any time
Florida Beach Rentals does not require a contract for a fixed period of time. If at any point, either party is not satisfied with the situation, they may inform the other party that the contract is terminated. We are confident that will not happen. If it does happen however, such as if the house is being sold, we ask that you honor all bookings that have already been approved.


Our team helps you get your unit ready for tenants
When checking out new properties, we have a checklist of all required items that need to be included in the unit that a guest would expect. Using this method, we make sure all of our units meet the standards of care that is expected and that no oversights are made. If either minor (coffee pot/plates/etc.) or major changes (furniture/flooring/etc.) need to be made, whether upfront or at some point down the road, our team will be able to help coordinate deliveries and help with recommendations that are cost efficient and high quality.


Rates: Getting you the highest revenue and the highest occupancy
We have a staff member who only has the responsibility of monitoring rates to make sure that each property is priced at all times correctly to get booked.  We track booking lead times and make changes to the rate if the unit has not booked by certain dates.  This constant monitoring allows us to maximize revenue and occupancy.


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Contact Information:

Office: 727-288-2020

Cell: 727-470-0282